What the Mind of an Insect Can Teach Us About Thirst

“Our fundamental starting point is that the temptation and pleasure of sweet, fatty, or salty foods arise actively within the brain, not just passively from physical properties of foods themselves.

‘Wanting’ and ‘liking’ reactions are actively generated by neural systems that paint the desire or pleasure onto the sensation—as a sort of gloss painted on the sight, smell or taste.”

via What the Mind of an Insect Can Teach Us About Thirst.

A galaxy of deception | ScienceDaily

DDO 68, captured here by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, was one of the best candidates so far discovered for a newly-formed galaxy in our cosmic neighbourhood.

The galaxy lies around 39 million light-years away from us; although this distance may seem huge, it is in fact roughly 50 times closer than the usual distances to such galaxies, which are on the order of several billions of light years.

via A galaxy of deception: Hubble snaps what looks like a young galaxy in the local Universe — ScienceDaily.