Gabe’s EDA | It Is Not About Moore’s Law

.. it is true that every fundamental breakthrough, like the Internet, has changed the social and economic behavior of a significant portion of the world population,

but it has not invalidated capitalism and it has complicated, not diminished, security and legal entanglements.

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Complexity of Mixed-signal Designs | Systems Design Engineering Community

Mixed-signal designs require a more complex flow than strictly digital designs.

They often incorporate multiple analog, RF, mixed-signal, memory and logic blocks operating at high performance and different power domains.

For these reasons engineers designing a mixed-signal IC need different tools throughout the development process. Architecting, developing testing and place and route functions are all impacted.

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Xi to Seek Stronger Ties With India in Visit Skirting Pakistan | Bloomberg

“China is starting to see its region as a wider Indo-Pacific, in which the sea lanes, energy supplies and trade routes between east and west matter deeply to China’s security.”

“Thus Beijing is seeking to manage India as a potential strategic competitor, and build ties with smaller countries that may be useful in China’s long-term regional engagement.”

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Why a War of Attrition Favors Us, Not ISIS | Cicero Magazine

Mao articulated three phases in a protracted war to overthrow government and establish a new order.

The first phase is the true guerrilla phase, where insurgent forces hide among the population and slowly gain strength. They fight only when the odds are favorable, as they have no need to take and hold territory. They bide their time while growing in strength.

According to Mao, the most critical decision comes next. The insurgent leadership must determine when its forces are ready to seize territory, specifically territory where the government is weak.

Eventually, insurgent forces would be strong enough to enter a third phase, where they would overwhelm government forces and fight all the way to the capital.

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