While Nato swills champagne, it’s Putin who calls the shots | theguardian.com

Foreign policy always involves double standards.

The best policy is to avoid one’s own weaknesses and instead test those of one’s opponents.

Peace and trade were slowly eroding the juggernaut of Russian power across eastern Europe.

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ISIS: A History of the Islamic State’s New Caliphate in Syria and Iraq | New Republic

The entire self-image and propaganda narrative of the Islamic State is based on emulating the early leaders of Islam, in particular the Prophet Muhammad and the four “rightly guided caliphs” who led Muslims from Muhammad’s death in 632 until 661.

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A Mauritanian Abolitionist’s Crusade Against Slavery

Mauritanian slaves are not restrained by chains; slavery is in large measure an economic and a psychological institution.

Slaves are denied secular education, and religion permeates the culture.

Because Islam is perceived as endorsing slave ownership, questioning slavery is tantamount to questioning Islam.

When slaves are told that servitude in this life brings reward in the next one, some believe it.

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ADM Selling Chocolate Business To Cargill

Cocoa processing operations at Hazleton will end once the deal closes, resulting in the elimination of approximately 90 positions.

Cocoa operations run by 1,560 employees will still be active in Mississauga, Ontario; Koog aan de Zaan and Wormer, Netherlands; Mannheim, Germany; Ilhéus, Brazil; Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire; Kumasi, Ghana; and Singapore.

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